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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Something to ponder

You are together with someone for 5 years.

You love him, like you never have before. You can't imagine yourself being with someone else. He's your life. Forever and always. 
But. You start to notice the flaws. The little ones.
He's not kissing you goodbye when going to somewhere like before. Even if he's gone for just a few minutes. He's not saying 'thank you' when you cooked him a delicious meal (again). Or when you're cleaning up after a BBQ for his friends. He's not paying attention when you talk about how your day was. He's there, but that's all.
He's just what you expect to be, nothing more.
So you crave. You want something else, something better. You want to be welcomed when you come back home after work, with a passionate kiss. You want him to show the world that he loves you. You want to know, in every kind of way, you are the one.
The one and only. Right?! 
So then you meet someone new.
He seems perfect. He seems more you can ever think of. Dream of. 
He fits right into your perfect image. 
He walks you home. He takes you out for a walk. He's so interested in everything you're saying. He loves your meals. He turns the world around, just to be with you. 
He's everything you want, even more.
So you break up with your boyfriend. To be with him.
To be with someone you deserve.
To be happier.
You'll never be happier. 
In the end, everything is the same. It's just how you look at it.

-Le Love

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