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Saturday, October 18, 2008

thought of the day ...

"It is not easy to love someone that you really love"

Friday, October 17, 2008


lately, things become so complicated. dunno where to start.mayb this is because it is the last week of the 2nd semester. loads of esaimen and tests.EDUC 225,LAGTECH 300, ESOL 202, LIGUIST 203. im so pening. but, ill try to be calm as much as i can. i dont want people to look at me as im a weak and passive person.obviously im not. but, these few weeks, i realize that ive became a bit more sensitive than usual. its quite easy for me to let my tears fall down to my cheek. even only for some small matters. well, maybe im a bit tired rite now. working, studying, observing, loving, giving ...

Speaking about working...i think i have to work more. since im planning to visit my girlfrens in Aussie. im so excited. going to goldcoast, brissy, and finally sydney. huhu~Besides, im still thinking of what im going to buy with my salary..i need to buy more shopping for clothes, bags and shoes.i want to buy smtg that ill value the most.smtg that i can use everyday..
below is the list of one of the stuff that im going to buy:
1. PSP
4. Speaker
5. video camera
6. MP3

wait a minute..why everything has to be an electronic gadget?so weird..i think i have to modify the list again..huhu.till now..minty~