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Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of the Blue

FYI, I got chocolates, teddy bears and a panda from the students today and not only students from her form 4 classes.It was completely out of blue =)

but ....

me: why did you give me these?
students: sebab teacher cantik and comel..hehe
me: hehe..thanks * gulp *

So, definitely I won't get any of those in 20 years time. When my face is full with wrinkles and gaining more weight..dammit :P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I just started my practicum as an English language teacher for nearly 3 weeks in one of the high schools in this metropolitan city.The school quite big compared to most of the schools in this country.Just imagine, the school has 16 classes for each form..from Form 1A to Form 1S and each class has at least 35 students. Quite pack rite? I have to teach two form four classes,high level and low level of proficiency. Frankly speaking, both classes have their own unique characters..individual differences :)

To tell you the truth, after i got to know all my students, probably during the second week of teaching, i begun to love this career. Their differences and their characters make me eager to learn more about my students. Hopefully,i can stay the same especially during my first three months of teaching :)

p/s: got new nicknames from most of the students, 'cikgu cantik and cikgu comel' flattered *blushing*