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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Money, money, money

Today, i had a great conversation with my BF where we talked about money. He asked me do i think that money is everything?Well, if he asked me the same question 10 years back, i would definitely say, "Money is not everything", instead i still remember that i wrote an essay about that question during my first year of foundation using the same stand. In my essay, i claimed that love is everything since i believed that money cant buy happiness.I listened to my BF first before i gave him my perception regarding the issue. He said he felt so confused with some parents decisions and hopes of making their children doctors, engineers,architects and etc (high profession jobs). He also said that why some parents view that these the only jobs that can bring heaps of money? and why some parents cant accept the fact that their children can be happy by doing things that their like eventhough they may be end up of having a little amout of salary.

To answer his questions, I simply said that older people know better in line with the proverb,'makan asam garam'. Parents want their children to gain happiness in their life and as time goes on parents always see these jobs give guarantee to their children. I said to my BF, maybe we do not feel it right now since we do not have our own family yet. Just imagine one day, you have your own family, you have children to take care of and several things to pay like house's rent, electricity, car, school's fee and taxes and at that time your children want something that expensive that you can't afford and say they want it since their friends have it. How? Once i was a teenage girl i made a long face when i did not get something from my parent and i know my action hurted their so sorry ayah. I was young and naive at that time :P But, my parent try to hard not to say that they do not have enough money to buy what i want instead they said next time or try to find something else that cheaper.I think it is hard for parents to say that their do not have money to their children.

Furthermore,I think it is easy for us not to say money is not everything as we are not in a situation where we have to sacrifice some important stages in our lives in order to survive. For instance, in certain places, some teenagers have to choose whether to further their studies or to start working in order to help their families. if we live in their shoes, money probably will be everything to us. Well, personally, the process of becoming an adult helps me to realize that I have to think out of the box where i have to consider numerous situations, actions and people before i simply giving my thought about anything.

Friday, July 24, 2009

shopping addict!!

Ipod touch + Nintendo DS + Laptop kecik Dzeti yg aku admire

bersamaan 23 helai baju + 2 pasang heels + 2 skirts + 2 jeans yang tak pernah aku pakai lg and dibeli dlm masa 5 bulan nie..Waaa.

Bf aku dh bising2.asyik tanya kenapa tak pakai2 lagi.aku jawab,"xdak masa.nantila.baju yg dulu pon x pakai lg."

oh, aku kena try stop shopping.matila.Last time ayah called tanya kenapa byk sgt jeans.aku ckp mana ada byk.Then, ayah aku kata, "yalah tuh.wada a.k.a adik aku yg sgt 'baik hati' cakap min ada 30 pasang jeans.>Gulps..kantoi<..lepas nie kalau xdak duit nak mkn, mknla seluaq jeans tuh."...Waa!!ayah kejam.

I need to stop shopping for a while...hopefully!!!