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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey kiddo

Last few week weren't the good weeks for me. It was a bit stressful as sometimes I felt that working life does effect my social life.How I wish I could turn back the clock... Auckland and IPBA had really help me to get the fullest of my life. But then stuck at school with a bunch of people who are mostly more 'mature' than me in the staff room and thousand of immature students who keep on testing my patience everyday, has really help me in rising the level of my burn out.

Thus, those past few weeks I couldn't help myself of not crying. Yes, I'm lucky to have my family around me as I stay at home. But to tell you the truth, to a certain extent, I really hope that my friends are here around me. Having people who are in the same level and ways of your thinking is good as it's easy to explain so many things to them.

Nonetheless, one day, the minute I lost hope on everything around me, something happened in my form four class the minute I had finished my lesson. One of my male students (the hardcore and the noisy one)stand up and said,

"Teacher, I wish I could have someone like you. If only my parent was like you. You always listen. No matter on what we said. " And all the students in the class kept on saying, 'Yeah, teacher. Its true."

I just could smile but deep inside me, I felt a huge impact.
I feel needed.
Thank you kiddo ...You not only made my day ;)

Would you do the same?

Heyloo beautiful people.It has been nearly a month that I left my blog without any update. The truth is I have plenty of ideas. But then,the ideas always come at night where I already sleepy ;)

Call me lame, but recently I fell in love with Bruno Mars's songs especially, 'Grenade'. How I wish I could go to his concert on this April 10.I probably will be in KL during the weekend only till 9..pfft. Working does effect my social life peeps.

Okay, back to the song. These few days I keep on listening to 'Grenade' and was thinking that the lyric is super AWESOME! Bruno is such a sweet talker. I wanna know who is his GF. It seems that he might has someone who inspire him to write these romantic songs. OH Goshhhh,please and please don't let it turn up to be a guy. It will effing ruin up my brain to know that all these wonderful songs are dedicated for a guy...I'll definitely will puke in my mouth *buekkk*