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Monday, February 15, 2010

current obsession :)

(she is my idol of a perfect body atm)


I dont wanna be skinny
I wanna tone up my body
chaiyok mintymints!!!

the serious talk

Since we were young till now, my siblings and i always get a 'free serious talk' whenever my dad is driving. Now, when we get a bit much older, we can predict what hes going to say and sometimes my sister and i will look at each other when he starting the talk. He keep on reminding us about so many things basically everything that he sees while hes driving. To a certain extend,sometimes we know exactly the sentences that hes gonna say.LOL. But that the best thing which will remind me about my today, we were heading to a kenduri. During all the way to the kenduri, he kept on taling on marriage..sigh~ i know it was an important talk when my dad start talking in English. Sometimes,i hate this stage of my life where u have to admit that u're not teenagers anymore and u have to engage with more of this deep discussion of life.Just now, my dad nonstop talking about all those marriage topics till i think he finally give up that he said, "whatever the person is, just bring he here one day. I just want to make sure that he is really worth it." Btw, no chance for me to kahwin next year when my dad said i have to work at least 1 year first. Dont mind, dont care as im still young heart.hehe.

another lesson for today:

You can't speed up a'll end up with the wrong person, just because you wanted to hurry it all up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


its CNY holiday now and im in my hometown.finally, get to on9 24/7.yeaayyy!!
considering wireless in my college is suck,im still contemplating of getting a broadband. i know i shud but looking at all my frens who use the broadband, now, i feel like, "damn..there was no internet hassle when i was in auckland". but, be realistic min.its Malaysia kot.wat do u expect...sigh~ even most of my fren now use the broadband in our college,the connection stil like siput babi @ snail or maybe the snail even more faster. But,the best part now is there is wireless in all the lecture halls in my, the ipod will always be the first thing to put in my school

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Trust me
when I say I will
Trust me
when I say I am not
Trust me
when I say I can

Trust me
as I am trying
to make this
heavenly as posibble

Damn it!!!

I should not have this second thought!!!