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Friday, September 19, 2008

Credit to nohara ...

Oh God, I'm feeling totally bitchy right now.
Coz i need to be "bitchier" than that bitch who used to be sooo bitchy!
Guess what?
She still is!
Want to prove who is bitchier?

p/s: semua org asyik bitchie2 ja..aku pon nak jgk!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bosan, bosan...boring~

10.40 a.m..19/09/2008..friday..

Class: Introduction to dreamweaver CS3

OMG~ dis class is so first, my fren and i wanted to skip the class.unfortunately, our coordinator become soo strict with this, instead of learning to create a website for this class, i decide to write a, no ideala plak..huhu.suddenly, after a moment of random thinking, i feel that the main reason the person in front of me teaches us about how to create this 'i-dunno-wat' website is atceli to sell the software..btoi x?since after she explained everything about how to do that website, she says that the vital part of it is to have the software.hahah..very bangang.if nak surh bli pon, ckpla dr awal..ksian bdk2 yg excited follow the class..