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Friday, September 19, 2008

Credit to nohara ...

Oh God, I'm feeling totally bitchy right now.
Coz i need to be "bitchier" than that bitch who used to be sooo bitchy!
Guess what?
She still is!
Want to prove who is bitchier?

p/s: semua org asyik bitchie2 ja..aku pon nak jgk!!


NuHaRa said...

haha yg kembang ni..u mentioned me in ur blogg...headline plak tuhh..gegegege~~~ =D hoo..last week mmg tension gila dgn nuha pnya cosmate tu..wat hal ja x abeh2..aritu nuha siap mimpi nuha terajang dia lg..nseb bek mimpi ja kan?gaga~tc cousin!=)

lovemenot said...

hahah..i like those words as its very bitchie but in a certain extent it looks decent jgk..heheh.jgn tension2,k?len kali terajang btoi2..hahah