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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ia tak bermaksud ....

aku diam
aku x paham

aku tangis
aku sedih

aku senyum
aku suka

aku marah
aku benci

aku menyerah
aku lemah

aku angguk
aku setuju

so lately ...

It is tiring forcing tears to stop streaming down from my precious eyes.

(Dzeti, 2008)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mr.X yg aku kenai ...

Dia ...

Dia suka amik gamba ...

Hari2 dia amik gamba ...

Dia suka edit gamba ...

Hari2 dia upload gamba ...

Aku plak ...

Aku suka dia amik gamba ...

Aku suka dia edit gamba ...

Aku suka dia upload gamba ...



kalau aku kena pilih...
between Batman or Mr. X ...
Aku pk 2 kali kot..
sebab Batman dh ada 6 packs
tp Mr.X half pack pon x nmpk lg...


the best holiday in my life with my BFF 2008


kami dan pokok christmas

Gold Coast

pervert time

movie world

Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise



rumah opera

kawan2 saya
pose b4 melintas...

together wif 'penduduk2 asal' australia~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

thanks for always being a part of me ...

mint ct: mama mcm wat hal sendirik ja
mint ct: knapa?
mint ct: x phm aku
mint ct: kita pon anak dia gak
mint ct: tensionla
mint ct: aku ja yg kol dia
mint ct: dia x pnah kol aku pon
greenyfrogy_chan: min
greenyfrogy_chan: dia ada better life..y should dia igt blik id0p dia yg dlu?
greenyfrogy_chan: yakni kita?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So you've been cheated on. It's devastating -- like being kicked in the gut and thrown into the gutter. You can't eat or function at work. Or maybe you're up all night watching old movies, bawling, and eating pints of Baskin Robbins. Discovering your partner's affair gives you such heartache and pain that you doubt you'll ever recover.
But when the cheater tries hard to win you back, some questions loom large: Should you forgive him/her? Is this cheater going to cheat again? You may feel torn; perhaps wanting to take your remorseful partner back, but you feel like it's a point of pride not to. You may want to drop the cheater altogether, dive into an online personals pool, and start looking for a more loyal significant other.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Love is cinta

"Cinta itu buta dan juga boleh membutakan
melukakan dan sukar untuk kita lupakan
Aku cinta padamu hanyalah ungkapan
luahan yang jarang bermakna bila diucapkan"

(Too Phat & Siti Nurhaliza)

There is no attempt for me to become any 'minah gwang' by writing this post. This lyric just came across my mind when i was tired thinking of some ideas for my blog. When i heard this song at the first time, i started realise on how stupid a person can be because of love. when you're falling in love with someone, you will never regret on how much time, money, tears that you have spent for that someone. then when something happen between you and your loved one, you will curse yourself all the day on how stupid you are...but end up to do the same mistake again. i dunno either to say it a mistake or not..because what i can say is you cannot control yourself when you in love with someone especially when you love that person too much. m i right?love is all about give amd take.but it hurts when you the only one who always give in all the time just because to keep it. people say you can teach your partner and you need to be patience in order to wait for him to learn.but till when?till you realise that you just tired of it?just a point to ponder~