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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pagi yang gelap...

hari ni aku bgn awal (6 pagi) . al maklumla hari ni ada test and cam biasa aku x abeh lg bc buku (normal la tuh,kan?)..huhu.11 pagi nant aku ada interview keja (part time) dekat corpthorne viaduct hotel. dh byk tempat aku hantar cv and dis is the 1st place yg call aku blk 4 interview. hopefully, aku dpt keja tuh. kalu x, x bolehla aku nak enjoy lebih2 cos xdak duit. aku tgh kumpul duit nak travel skrang. july nant aku nak travel south island 4 2 weeks and dis september im planning to visit my friends in australia. and the most important part of saving my money is for my next year mission...around the world.huhu~after interview, aku ada meeting ngan tutor aku regarding aku punya marked assignment. pastuh test.adeh, sebut pasai test, aku kna p study dh ni. okla..x boleh nak mengarut byk2.test2~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i thought you'd be with me forever

i had to watch you walk away

something is slowly dying inside of me

if only you could see

the pain that i feel daily

has become all to familiar to me

my heart beats without a sound

i don't see how i go on

but still each day comes and goes

i have to fight to make it thru each one ...

p/s: from now, there is no more us between you and me~ maybe one day we will meet again but one thing i want you to know..dont ever ask me about my feeling for you bcos..the feeling is already gone~

the place i call auckland~

my bed and my 1st teddy bear in auckland..nyet2~

my study desk..bunga tuh bunga idup..xmenla plastic2.wangi sgt~

huhu~niela bilik aku kt auckland...agak, aku suka blk ni.dis is the only place where i can do everything dat i want..opps~huhu.

Monday, April 28, 2008

well,let me write dis post in malayla plak..huhu.gedixs btoi aku ni..x kesahla.ari nie aku sgt tension.dh dpt blk 2 marks 4 esaimen2 yg aku penat nak mampos wat sbelum ni. cr buku kt libraryla, photostatla,wat tebal muka pinjam material bdk2 len n mtk tlg bdk2 pandai check draft aku.huhu..but, the results are not dat marvelous like all the efforts dat ive done. waaa!!!nie yg wat aku rasa nak tukaq course ni.huhu. aku dh tataw nak wat, dgn skemanya aku ngan kwn aku p cr tutor dkt learning centre..konon dh insafla.hopefully~aiyak..results dhla terok, bdn pon dh gemok...waaa!!and for ur guys information aku br ja register msk gym kt campus aku.mahai tahap dewa plak 2 (160 dollar)..nanges aku kalu bdn aku maintain gemok jgk.dhla ari2 asyik makan teloq ngan sardin ja (tuh ja yg plg murah kt cni) abesla aku.isk2.i've to do smtg regarding my assignment and my weight. kalu x nnt blk malaysia, confirm parent aku x kenai aku..huhu~

Friday, April 25, 2008

im tired~

i dunno how to just tired. I used to miss someone so much.seriously~however, it never seemed like he missed me. Because of it, I stopped missing him. and because of it, the feeling has gone. before this, he used to call me every day, messaging me every minutes and chatting with me every nite. but suddenly everything changed. it started when he went to different place which is quite far from first, i thought that he is busy with his study over there.then, i heard rumors about him with the other girl. i said to myself just rumors. but then ... i cant hold it anymore when he didnt bother about me at all. i was the one who called him every day, kept on messaging him..whenever i called him, he said that he was busy with his assignment, tired..and has no money to come over to my place which is only cost him 39 bucks..i asked 4 a break up and he said nothing about it. i was flatted with his action. i thought he will ask for forgiveness or begging me not to break up with him.. but he said nothing at all. at that moment, i knew there must be something on his mind. our 3 years of relationship has become nothing to him..after we broke up, ive got the news that he was cheating on me with someone that i close friend in college. he, she and i used to be together..he never admit about it eventhough i said i already know and my close friend has admitted about it. until 2 weeks after that, he admitted. i dunno what hurts the most.the fact that he and my close friend was sneaking around my back or the fact that he lied about it straight to my face..i dunno...these days, i to be happy, pretend that im ok..but, im not. im tired of acting on something that im just tired~