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Thursday, May 8, 2008

people always leave no matter ...

people always leave no matter ...

how hard you keep them
how much you love them
how many times you give in
how well you change

they will leave you
even if you

have fought for them
have waited for them
have cried for them

it is hard to believe
but trust me..people will leave and always leave~


hezrin said...

people do come and go....
but their presence will always be in your memory...
and that is thing thing that hurts the most.

.Diana Dean. said...

u'll always have me :)

Rasyiqah Khairul Anuar said...

i agree mint.

they always leave

it hurts so bad that sometimes you don't want to go on anymore.

even if u do get better as time passes, the scar remains.

starting from today, i'm building up walls. if they can't come in, they can't hurt me.