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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Winter in Auckland (2008 and 2009)

1. Auckland is too cold now compared to last year's winter
2. Still thinking on should/shouldn't buy winter jacket and sweater since this is my last winter in Auckland (my bf said i already have plenty of jackets and sweaters.but those are last winter's trend..LOL.)
3. Last year during winter i was 47 kg, but now 43kg.i thought im gaining more weight this winter.Maybe im too tired of working and im losing my appetite actually. I still can survive without eating anything except for drinking plain water for one whole day. I tried it already.
4.I was in Bersatu games (Malaysian games for students in Nz) last year but not this year. It was held at Wellington last year and it was awesome.Numerous things happened.This year, Bersatu will be at Palmerston North.But,im not part of it.Not interested.
5. This year im working at Munchy mart which is in my Uni. I have to save some money..huhu.Last year, during winter, i traveled around south island, Nz.Christchurch, Queenstown,etc.Those places were really wonderful.I was speechless wiht Queenstown's scenery and mesmerized by Christchurch's buildings.
6. I had an exam last winter but not this winter..Yaayy~
7. What i like the most about this winter compared to the last winter is....I have a BF for dis, no need to spend so much money to travel. Im grateful to be just with him during this winter..anywhere..i dont mind.


sheIsMe said...

I have a BF for dis, no need to spend so much money to travel.

i loike yu!!hahahaha

dzalfina said...

"I have a BF for dis"



tu je

lovemenot said...

tammy ngan dzeti:mpa dua jeles ngan aku..LOL

p/s: mpa pon ada bf bukan aku ja!!

aishahmazlan said...

aww,suwitt nye #7 ;P