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Monday, December 28, 2009

Just another few days ...

Just another few days ..

1. hitting to a new year '2010'
2. spending precious moment at home
3. heading back to KL/IPBA
4. starting a new life in the hostel
5. gonna see someone soon

New Year ... Excited? Happy? Sad? I dunno.. mixed feeling. And i cant draw any expectation on what will happen.Why? I learned that expectation (no matter how high and low) able to destroy heaps of things around me as well as myself. .my self esteem, self confidence and perception. I believe in just giving a chance on anything..


Fatin Sherrina Al-Baghtar said...

2010. ofkos la kena excited! u nak jumpa i! :D

lovemenot said...

Haha ..btoi2.excited nk jumpak u.u kan nk blanja I mkn.hehe