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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I don't need Bruno Mars

Woooot wooot!!! Obviously, I couldn't spend time watching Bruno Mars live at KL and yes, thank you so much for all the tweets on how AWESOME he was at the concert (pls do tell me smtg that I don't know *jealous mode*), I had so MUCH FUN this weekend. Despite all the hassles on booking few stuff and the airport's problem,everything was totally PERFECT!!

Spending the weekend celebrating the BF's birthday in KL besides went there for getting some important stuff was definitely walking down the memory lane. I mean even it was only just 3 and a half months, I did miss KL so bad. And missing the BF is another pain in the A$$..oops, I mean pain in the heart ;P

After few weeks of trying my best and using the puppy eyes to persuade the big boss @ my dad, I finally got the permission. So, then on Thursday after school,I straight away went to the airport. However, I didn't expect that there would be a traffic jam after the lunch hour.I mean come on, this is ALOR STAR not KUALA LUMPUR.And yet, there was a traffic. .long sigh~ I arrived at the airport 10 minutes before the departure time and to my surprise there were no more people line up and there were people at all. I thought it was probably because people here prefer to go to KL by bus and of course I was Super STUPID, rite?I should be there 30 minutes before the departure time. All the gates were closed already. I talked to the MAS officer and he said I was really late and all the passengers were already on the plane. that time, the only thing a girl like me could do is to use my superpower ... dropping some TEARS!!lol. I nearly cried and I knew that the officer could see the tears in my eyes. Suddenly, he called the pilot and told him to wait. He said emergency case.GOSH, thank u so much. I owe u a lot!!Seriously.

Then from KLIA,I took the KLIA express to KL Sentral and I can say that it's totally awesome. I bumped into my BFF,Alia's boyfriend, Yap. He looked a bit different so I was quite afraid to say hi to him..hehe.but I did.

Alia's BF said my face was berseri-seri when he met me.Its not berseri2 la..its obviously my peluh. I was sweating like tuuuttt carrying my heavy bags ;(

Overall, it was amazing weekend.I had so much fun with 'YOU - KNOW - WHO'.We had a dinner at Tony Romas since he really loves the ribs and I love what he loves. hehe. I also enjoyed watching Hop and Rio at the cinema. As for the birthday present, I gave him something that will remind him about me every second..a watch. I let him to choose as I prefer to give someone a present he or she loves and really2 will use it.

For my sayang, happy birthday. I love you more than you know.I enjoyed spending the weekend with you.Who needs Bruno Mars if I already have you?Thanks for the awesome weekend :)


nirzehrun said...

what an eventful weekend but nevertheless, you enjoyed it! :)

lovemenot said...

hehe..thank u JG.Yes, I enjoyed every minute of it.btw, how r u?

miszbee said...
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miszbee said...

owh cool..omg,good minds think alike..i was planning to give you-know-who a watch also..haha but i haven't surveyed anything and damn there's nothing here...grrr!!!!