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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry for the late update.
Its not that I was busy with working or specifically schooling, it just because i was a bit lazy.hehe. BTW, I'm officially a graduate!!!

Officially, a graduate of B.Ed TESOL from The University of Auckland

My dad came eventhough he was not well and he had to travel by bus since it was a last minute decision. I was so happy to have him around that day :)

Well, people say flowers die. But then, my BF was so smart he bought me a bouquet of soap's flowers. It definitely won't die.haha. The BF was really helpful and cool on that day eventhough it was his first time meeting my parent. Thank you sweetheart :)

Overall,the convocation was more like a reunion as it was not that formal. I had so much fun. But then,I couldnt meet most of my friends as everyone had to entertained their families. Congratulation to all of us. We did it. Thank you for everything along the journey in IPBA and Auckland ;)


Fatin Nordin said...

only looking at the pics makes me want to go back time and elongate the grad time, like make that day 48 hrs so we can spend a lot of more time together!

lovemenot said...

Awwww..IKR. Couldnt spend much time together.sob we hv 2 plan smtg then.faster holiday.heheh