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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Awww..Silly you

I dunno what hurts the most..the fact that somebody was sneaking around my back or the fact THAT someone lied about it straight to my face..duhh.This is so YESTERDAY!!

What i mean is being lied straight to my face when i know every bit of the truth.C'mon u shud plan smtg better than that lie. It was too obvious but then I didn't feel the pain. I dunno why. I shud feel sad and a bit of angry but it seems that im totally immune. I kinda realise that i shouldn't bother much about it as obviously through that lie, it shows that we have different level of maturity. You are so childish.No wonder you still stuck in nowhere while everyone around you already move on with a better life. .

p/s: Im not stupid..Im just not YOU~

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