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Monday, April 13, 2009

antara aku, dia, roasted chicken and xbox

i have 2 assignments due on the same day which is another 6 days to go.but i haven't touch one of it. still in easter break mood...well, today i wake up early..around 10.early to housemate already went to Taranaki with her bf. Shes trying to be a super supportive gf since she will be there to suport her bf n unigames (soccer..i think)..huhu.well..she left me alone but fortunately my bf is, back to after i wake up from sleep.i was very excited to cook brunch for my bf. I already copied some recipes from martha stewart, jamie oliver and gordon ramsay (all the famous ones la..of course). i decided to cook Roasted Chicken with potatoes and Asparagus (asparagus..wth!!).It took me about 1 and half hours to prepare the meal but semangat punya pasai....fuh!!!.Habis luka my fingers terkena oven...excited sgt.The chicken turned out to be fantastic and nice..just the same as the picture in martha's website...bangga la sat.Then, my bf came and tasted the chicken. He said he liked it..i was so amazed..After, he finished eating, i thought he wanted to say more things about the meal or having a simple chit-chat wif me but it turned out that he rather playing with the xbox instead of doing all those things...KEJAM!!! and till now he still playing the resident evil 5 instead of talking to me.Maybe i should sell the xbox...mai umah ja men xbox..adoi~

p/s:maybe this is my balasan of not doing my assignment yet..huhu


Ain Sallahuddin said...

betul betul..jual je balik xbox.
kesian min..cakap dgn cermin lagi bagus kan.haha..min kena mangga xbox tu kot, pastu buang kunci jauh2..haha..uuuu, sedapnyer roasted chicken.nanti boleh kongsi resipi.hehe:))

shanis said...

weh. xjmput. nk rse gk ko masak ayam panggang. cani r. hehe

jgn buang xbox. sini2. kasik ak. hahahaha

hehe. tp tu laa.. guys.. boys will be boys la dear.. sabo je laa.. hehe.

ps: bygkn kte y wt cmtu. majuk muncong sedepa dyorg. haih2

lovemenot said...

ain:hahah..tuhla pasai.penat ja min masak..sedih~ala, senang ja ain.recipe amik kt website martha stewart.senang nak mampos..sedap plak tuh..tryla..sumbat jaam

anis:aku masak nak test dulula.mana tau kot2 x sedap ka.nnt raya aku msk kat ank..hehe.

dzalfina said...

martha stewart... cayyya la..

saya mau xbox.