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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I saw a shout out from my bff 's facebook was simple but to a certain extent it was very deep.

"being away from someone, in a strange way makes it better. The more time you spend away from each other, the more you're thinking about them and the more you want to see them again"

Yesteryear, when i was in hostel which located at my own hometown, i didn't miss my family as much as i miss them rite now. Since it just like 10 minutes from my house. I was the one who wanted to stay at the hostel eventhough there were several hints from the PK HEM (Cik Tom) to send me out from the hostel. She kept on asking me ..."Saya dok nmpak ayah kamu dok mai tiap2 hari kt skolah.Rajin sunguh ayah kamu dok mai hantaq mknan. Tak rasa nak dok luaq ka taun depan?"adoiii~That was my mistake. Ayah kept on coming to the hostel like once in 2 days since i always asked him to bring many stuff to me..ya la kan rumah x sampai 10 minutes kot. But living in hostel was really an enjoyful, memorable, fantastic exprience to me..gosh, i really miss those times. nasik kawah,mandi kolah,kemban, public phone, baju asrama,outing and the most favourite part was fly...haha. But then,during this time,i didn't really miss my family.

Then after a wonderful time in hostel, i went to KL to further my study. At this stage, i did sometimes missed my family since i went back to my hometown like once in a month. Whenever i went back home, i'll make sure that i spend all of my time with my family...huhu.sedihla plak.

But now, it has been like 14 months, i havent back to msia and 14 months i havent meet my family. when u were young, u always think that ur parent annoyed u in many ways and they never agree with u. now, when u get much older and u are far away from them, u just want to be with them again.No matter how annoying they will be..hehe.

p/s: my bf said to me last time,"sayang, absence makes the heart grow fonder."
He mentioned that when he was away from me.
I thought that it was very sweet but then he keep on using that line when he cannot
come to see me .... hurm~

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