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Thursday, May 21, 2009

a piece of memory between my dad and i

Other than saying I love you, ayah surely will always remind me "don't trust anyone". since i was in primary school until now, ayah keep reminding me about that. when i was young, i was not sure why ayah kept saying the same thing over and over.Due to ayah's advise,it is hard for me to trust anyone. However, as a human, i did make a mistake. i did trust someone.. a lot.i blinded by the person action at the beginning of our relationship. it hurts when you trust someone a lot. it is like, you try to move on but something hold your back..Ayah, im so so stupid.

i still remember when i told ayah i already has a bf when i was 18. I was so afraid since i know ayah's reactions about these 'cinta' thingy. but i need to tell my dad instead of he gets to know it from others especially Tammy (my only sis).. I was in room watching tv with him. Suddenly, (in my language which my bf said tribe language..haish)

ayah: Dah ada boyfriend ka skrg?Ayah tgk msg x berenti ja la ni.
me: huh?mana ada..(i tried to deny 1st)
ayah: cakap btoi2 kt ayah.
me:hehe..ada. (smile but deep inside i felt like a huge train going to crash me)
ayah:ayah bukan apa..i just don't want to let anyone hurt my daughter's feeling. Ayah xmau tgk mimin teriak2.dari kecik ayah dah jaga elok2..
me:haish,watpa nak teriak plak?pelikla.min kuat..hehe.

Unfortunately, im not that kuat (tough)...