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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saya sgt suka dan gembira..LOL

hahah..gelak dgn riang happy, im feeling good..LOL. mr.X a.k.a "Youknowwho" came to my house yesterday. I tried hard to ignore him as we had a fight the day before. As i was trying hard to not pay attention to him,he took out smtg from his black NIKE bag and showed it to me. OMG!! He bought me Crash of the Titans cd game for my XBOX.Suddenly, i easy,kan?No. i tried to be calm but i really like the game.seriously.but, it is freaking expensive and i cant afford to buy the cd game as rite now im near to the state of bankruptcy.. *sobs*

to mr.x,

thank u so soo happy and next time i nak merajuk lg :p

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