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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Im going to buy an IPOD touch 3rd generation 32 gigs this week..hopefully since i was dreaming about it like few weeks. I should buy it earlier but what can i say? i spent most of my money to something else..SHOPPINg~ I just spent 800 dollars these 2 weeks only for shopping.GosHH.. I need to stop this effing habit of mine.5 pairs of new jeans in 2 weeks are not gud man ...still got 30 pairs of jeans. I can wear different jeans everyday in a months.LOL


Anonymous said...

hahahaha... min, respect... memang kayalah hang, sedekah

lovemenot said...

haha..dah x kaya maaa..kayap.i already sedekah most of my outfit to other i ada ja lg boleh bg u :) cantek lg.