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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Once someone said to me ...

" It doesn't matter whether or not I have a GF or you have a BF; I will always be there for you"

It was like 12 years back when we were still childish and had nothing to worry about. Today, I walked pass his house and the memory came across my mind. We had so much fun.Years back,we enjoyed being each other companion. Playing "toi" @ galah panjang, "aci ligan", "ice cream soda" and masak2..haha.

Years went by, we grown up and took different paths to pursuit our own dreams. We started apart when i furthered my study in girl school.I became more reserved ... i meant due to the fact that girl school made me be more comfortable to mingle around girls than boys ( not now I think the last time we had talked when I was 17. We still met each other after that but we could only say hi.

When I was in Auckland, I heard a news that he engaged from a girl out of town and got married to the girl. At that time, i thought i will be disappointed. But,i didn't. Guess I have my own and I am really deeply in love with him.

Relationship teaches us heaps of things. It kinda makes me realizes that you don't have to worry too much. There will be someone for you ... Your true love :)

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