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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pet lovers

i just adopted a cat.hehe..
actually my bf took a gud care of her first (yes..SHE) for about 10 days since i went back to my hometown for a holiday.She is so cute and manja.Mind you, she is hyper active but rarely meowingg..LOL.Btw, my bf has a cat too. He has a Persian cat and he calls him chichi ( bcos at fist, he taught Chichi is a girl.haha).He is 4 to 5 months old while mine is 1 month. Currently,she lives in my room and she eats heaps. She reallyyy loves to sleep as well.Her permanent routine is wake up, eat, play, so STUPID!! She is a cat and what more she needs to do?study?washing dishes?hahah..btw, her name is Chiko but my friends call her Chika (Chikarooo):P

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