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Friday, October 22, 2010

Before I forget :)

Scene 1

me:I always think, why oopsy daisy?not oopsy rosy or perhaps other flowers?
him : ntah..they should have come out with something more sweet la..
me: like what?
him: oopsy minty
me: *blushing*

Scene 2
In his car..listened to Fly fm. On the way back to my college. Suddenly, there was the infamous song by Bruno Mars, "Just the way you are".

me: You think ada tak a guy who acts like Bruno Mars?
him: What do you mean?
me: I mean, a guy who writes this kind of song every day and nyanyi to his girlfriend.
him: Issk..mana ada. Tipu la.
me: Then, is there any guy who really appreciates a girl and loves the girl same as this song?
him: Ada.
me: Ya ka?Who?
him: He's sitting next to you.

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