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Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Ayah,

Knowing you care little for a lot of sentimental or emotional praise, I will limit my words of praise by saying I have, in my life time, meet and known many fine fathers, and have read about many great men , yet, I can truthfully say I am glad I am your daughter.

There are several reasons why I am glad you are my father. First, you made my years of childhood and youth a period of life delightful to live over in my memory. A pleasure I engage in perhaps more than I would if I could see you more often. You found time to go shopping with me, to send me out meeting my friends, and you let me go further my study far from home. My memory of my fellowship with you during my childhood and youth are crammed with vivid recollections of delightful experiences we had together during those years. You may not have had the money to give me everything I wanted, but I don't remember about that. I do remember you giving me something of greater value, fellowship between father and daughter that money cannot buy at any price.

What I have learned is I am much like you. You instilled in me a self confidence that if I was prepared to work hard enough for something, likelihood I would be successful. This is no small thing.

What I’ve realized since I was in Auckland is that you are always there for me. Besides, when I was a teenager and you trusted me to do the right thing. You always trust me till now. I’m sorry that sometimes I did something that hurt you badly. It was not my intention. Trust me all my bad behaviors are all on me and none come from you. Honestly, I’m not a perfect daughter but I’m still learning to be ones. Therefore, I still need you as my guidance.

So let me thank you for all you did for me and the main reason I write this letter is to congratulate you as the new PK. You deserve that for all your hard work. Congratulation Ayah.

Just want to let you know I am still Daddy’s girl and proud of it.

Your Daughter,

MInty 2010

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