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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back at home :)

New routine :

1. To perform all the prayers especially subuh
2. Need to stay awake after subuh and do some house chores
3. Pilates and yoga everyday at 5 after asar. Need to be toned
4. Try not to skip breakfast since always have breakfast outside with the parent.
5. Read more newspapers.
6. Keep on blogging!!!


miszbee said...

wow....very organized...wanna know about MY routine???
wake up after 12pm...
have brunch+late-night snacks almost everyday...
more afternoon nap...
hhahha cmne la nak kurus...=P

lovemenot said...

wow oh wow~
it seems a while to see mizzbee conteng on my
btw, i ate a lot too this holiday..damn!!

lovemenot said...
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