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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Supermom :)

Alhamdullilah, on November 27th at 12.05 a.m, Chiko safely gave birth to 6 gorgeous and cutest kittens.

"Red in cats is a sex-linked color, carried on the X gene. Therefore, a male cat whose X carries red will be a red tabby. A female cat who carries one red and one non-red X will be a patched tabby, a tortoiseshell, or a calico (if she also has the dominant gene for white markings). A female cat who is homozygous for red (has it on both X genes) will be a red tabby. This is why you see more male red tabbies than females. This is also why male calicos are so rare: you have to have two X genes to be a calico."

Note:Tabby is a color pattern.

I did a research for few hours and found dat red or ginger female (chiko) cat is very rare. Only this type can give birth to calico kitten which is also a bit rare (black, white and red in color like 2 of chiko's babies).Approximately one calico in every 3,000 is male.So, it is superduper rare :) i dunno yet whether chiko's calicos are males or females.
No wonder chiko's mom only gave birth to all ginger kittens last time.

Okayyy.. I sound like a geek rite now!! but do google it though. Quite interesting with all the chromosomes thingy..LMAO. As u r so free, google this:
- calico
- female red/ginger cat

p/s : My answer for Faten's question when she asked me why some of Chiko's babies are black not grey like Chici (Chiko's partner in crime :P).

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