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Sunday, August 16, 2009

things i like about you~

1.when u call me baby
2.the silly things u say
3.u're willing to cook
4.ur hugs..xoxo
5.ur cute face expressions
6.ur style :D
7.ur taste in music
8.u're the last voice i hear at the nite
9.u keep on trying in everything...
10.u never say no when i ask u to follow me especially doing window shopping.. we share clothes !!
12.u're protective and would take bullet 4 me ("~)
13.i love random things u do 2 me ..its those small things that are so sweet
14.u eat what i cook 4 u without complaint..hehe
15.ur dances..moonwalk :P
16.ur passions ..(photography,dances, u're my bf and besfren at the same time
19.the way u make my day
20.its just u and we together..4ever!


Ain Sallahuddin said...

reading ur list somehow make me realize something, jaam always say no especially if nak suruh teman gi window shopping unless if it involve going to eb games or jb hifi.hahaha..
different people different personality kan kan?
u looked happy!stay happy keyh!

~M i z a ~ said...


Ruzaireen said...

awww. :)

lovemenot said...

ain: tuhla pasai.different people different personality.sometimes, kita sedih tgk org lain cm best ja x sedar that ada benda yg kita and partner kita buat lg

Miza: haha..aku mmg sweet on.haha

reen: malula plak ..hehe:P

unknown said...

comey. :) yeah. we have to appreciate the special one we have, and stop comparing with other couples. coz, thats why u hv chosen him not other guy at the first place.

and yeah, smtimes you hv to go through the rough patch, but dnt cry, instead, be happy together, coz those problems ll give u guys the chance to know and accept each other better.

remember, nobodys perfect, but love teaches us to see an imperfect person perfectly.

aku doakan bahagia berkekalan :)

lovemenot said...

thanks shanis.
ank boleh jd pakar runding perkahwinan ni..heheh