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Monday, August 3, 2009

Harem pants

Yup, obviously I know harem pants aren't a new trendsetting revelation, but the truth is, I haven't got one. Why? Mr.X a.k.a my BF said he will not 'lepak'or going out with me if I wear that pant. He said i probably look like a clown or aladdin by wearing that pant. Yeah rite haven't see it yet really like this pant like seriously want it since the first time i saw these pants at Supre, Queen St where the price was like 56 bucks at that time. The new temptation is the price was cut down to 20 bucks...should I or shouldn't I? sigh~


dzalfina said...

tak perlu. pakai jeans ko yg berpuluh itu sudeh~


lovemenot said...

pang!! duit..umsa ball
maybe not..

alia amirah said...

should! should! dari aritu kate nak beli kan? hehe