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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Am I letting myself to act like a complete idiot?

i have the feeling
you just keeping me around
in case
no one better
comes along

I talk to you
all the time
but I can't
bring myself
to ask you
why you don't love me
like yesterday?

Im not a clown
neither a puppet
Im tired of dealing
with the same smile
that you gave
when you thought
you already won
at the time
I said
Im sorry

If my love
is not enough
to make you stay
I should remind myself
Enough is enough

p/s: shit..i think i have to take a poetry course.i tried to make a poem here instead it turned out to be like daa~ OMGee..I want to make a poem about what i really want to say and i dunno how to make it rhyme. it just what i feel dowh~


farah aminuddin said...

sedihnya! T_T

unknown said...


i know how u feel dear. *hugs*

i mean, to be honest, once in a while, i do feel the same thing. and it hurts, when u dnt find the right words and time to ask the questions, n it hurts more when we were left with the questions unattended, would it be?

but dear. 1 thing that i can share. do pray to Him. coz above all, He knows better than all of us do, above what ur guy himself know. pray to Him, if it were meant for u n him, then, ur heart will feel still in it, n u urself feel want to stay. be strong k. n do smile always, coz smhow it does help u to feel stronger n happier.

another point, i always be here as ur friend. *hugs* :)