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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bali Love Myth

Even since I was in high school, I always wanted to go to Bali.But, till now I haven't have any chance to be there. I always view Bali as a place where you can explore and experience various of wonderful scenery besides get to know the unique culture of Bali. Last year, I did come out with a plan to Bali but then 'The Big Boss" a.k.a my dad didn't allow me to as he was afraid of the earthquake. FYI,Bali is in my list of places I have to go and probably will be the place I spend my honeymoon. Mind you,I won't off to Bali with my BF as I'm quite conservative in terms of superstitious. Have you heard about the Bali myth?

There are stories of how couple dated for 10 years, some survived years of long distance relationship, some were engaged, but all broke up eventually after their last holiday together to Bali, mostly within half a year (6 months). Happened to couples who are not yet married.

Apparently there’s an old folks tale about a princess who was abandoned by her prince on the island, and she was so distraught she put a curse on unmarried couples who visits the island. (Probably the jerk took off after ‘doing’ her, and she’s cursing all couples who have pre-marital sex on the island!!!) That make sense right? Sighhh. But still,if it weren't true,it does help to decrease pre-marital sex (maksiat) to happen in Bali among those who believe the myth :)

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