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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thing I Miss the Most About Auckland


I miss being able to walk alone anywhere, anytime around the city especially Queen St, Hight St and even K-Road (but walking in K-Road alone at nite is not that safe though..Aucklanders should know this)

I miss to lay down on the grass and have the smell fresh of grass after few hours working. I did lay down on the grass few minutes before I went home after working in Munchy :)U should try this... Its like a free spa .lol

I miss being able to go around Auckland alone by bus. I loved to go to Newmarket and Onehunga (Dressmart of course ..duuhhh). Sometimes to shop some new dresses or just random activity after I had my class or after work. By this time,u should know that I only had few classes a week.On my final semester, I only had two days of classes a week.Jealous much??hehe

-Zac Efron at the bus stop..NICE!!-

I also miss being able to walk and do my grocery shopping at Foodtown, Taiping and Warehouse.I just could go there at night alone when suddenly I felt like eating Oreo ice cream or chocolates (they always got sale on Cadbury Chocolate Bars). When Faliq was around , I went to Foodtown and Taiping more often. I enjoyed spending my time browsing the net, found new recipes and cooked dinner for him and me. For that, he would spend more time at my place (see?its easy to keep a man around..just fill up his tummy :P)

- Faliq cooked for me too :)

Obviously, I miss walking.Just walking and walking and walking around the city. I miss walking to my Uni where I had to go through numerous wonderful buildings and numbers of friendly people. I miss being able hoping in and out the free bus around the city and the link bus (the green bus). I didn't have to rely on any mobile.

But then, Here in My Home ... I mean Malaysia, driving license is everything and a car too. Its hard to get into public transport except if u live near the LRT station. But then u still have to walk under this kind of humid weather. And even if u have the driving license and u are able to drive, still there are few series of unfortunate events - parking tickets, paid fines, searching for a car park, traffic jams ...arrrghhhh!!


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