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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Girl, A Guitar and A Memory

When I was in Auckland (yeaahhh..just another story of my 'abroad moment'),I did heaps of part time jobs and my first one was working as a waiter in Nandos. I'm not sure how long I worked there but it wasn't more than a month. It was quite hard and tiring besides having a fussy manager. But then, it offered a lot of money and I got free meal before I went back home. And when the first time I got my salary, I was super HAPPY:P as the manager gave directly the cash to my hands. Few days after I got the money, I went to K-Road with my friends and I decided to buy a guitar. Long way before I went to Auckland, I had this kind of feeling ... I wanted to learn at least one music instrument before I die. Therefore, I bought the guitar at one of the shops in K-Road. Besides, most of my housemates play guitar very well and of course they did help me a lot with the guitar.

And another interesting story behind ' me and the guitar' was on how the guitar helped me closer to the person I'm deeply in love right now ;) Before we started our 'lovey-dovey' relationship, we used to chat a lot (not much now... huhu). Then, one of the topics was about learning how to play a guitar as he loves to play guitar and he plays very well. So, he used to send me few chords till it came to our first date when he asked me out to show me the music shop near his house since I did tell him that I needed to buy my first guitar pick.So, after we had sushi at the Atrium, we went to the music shop. And FYI, one of the reasons he was the one who caught my heart and of course "still is', was because there was a moment he played a guitar and sang a song to me in that shop... CLICHE`!! I know but who care, rite? How many guys sincerely and bravely can do that for you in front of other people? and I still remember the song, 'Mimpi Yang Sempurna' by Peterpan. After that, he chose a guitar pick for me first guitar pick. I still keep it till now.

But then,when I was in Auckland, I didn't have a lot of time to play the guitar though..studying, working, travelling, dating..hehe..and more excuses. Still, Faliq helped me a lot. He showed me the chords and how to do plucking. But mind you.. He was very firm and strict when he taught me.huhu. When he went back to Malaysia (few months earlier than me), I learned hard to play the guitar as I wanted to show him that I could play better. .So, the guitar always seated near my bed. After working and went to Uni, I spent my much time in my room playing with the guitar. Actually, it was quite a depressing moment for me as I couldn't handle LDR (Long Distance Relationship)very well. We did so many things together and it was painful to see yourself alone to move on..But definitely not NOW. I'm happy even we are hundred kilometers away since we TRUST each other a lot..

Well, actually I lost her few days ago. Somebody stole my guitar. I left her in my room as I had to go back to my hometown. I did lock my room and my locker. I asked Faliq to take her from my room and the minute he text me, "call I jap", I knew that something bad might happen to my guitar and yes, somebody took it away. It was really painful and I couldn't stop crying for a moment. Thanks Faliq for trying hard to comfort me by kept on saying,'You still have Faliq'.And yes, I do have you and Im so grateful.

For the guitar,

Trust me... you always means something for me eventhough there was a moment I didn't touch you for a quite numbers of days. There was a time I just left you at the corner of my room and there was a period I left you in my locker. Still, you mean a lot. You always there when I was alone and was there when I was truly deeply happy. Thank you for the great memories of me and you.


kisahdreamer said...

aww. its okay Min. you can buy a new one though it wont be the same.

sweet story.
ive been reminiscing about the past so much too these holidays.

lovemenot said...

Thanks Nisah. Me too. I just couldn't let it go. Life in Aukland was so great and I love every part of it. Wish I could be in Auckland again :)

I still can't see myself as a teacher here..huhu

kellneriner said...

Comel sungguh ank dgn Faliq. Minto, I feel sad that I don't know you own a guitar. Shows there are still many more things we don't know about each other and now college days are over, it's impossible to hang out these days. :(

lovemenot said...

dun wori babe..
i just didnt show the guitar to u la..i always hiding it in my locker since i couldn't play it very well..malu weh..and it doesn't mean u didn't know me better. U know a lot about me.we are best fren, rite? its like u don't know how many panties i have in my drawer and it doesn't mean u know nothing about me..lmao!!!