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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kittens update!!!!

Well, as u know,my Chiko has gave birth to 6 loveliest babies ( me and faliq call the kittens, babies). 4 of them are red/ginger and another 2 are calicos.

The updates : According to my Mr. Strong :P

1. Today, the babies will be 10 days old
2. One of the calicos has blue eyes!!
3. One of the red/ginger is very hyperactive. He/she tends to walk out from the cage. This reminds me of Chiko when she was 3 months..She really loved to jump!!
4. Chici (Faliq's kitten a.k.a Chiko's partner in crime a.k.a the father of the babies) starts to mingle around the babies now. He sometimes goes to the babies and takes a look on them. Before this, he seemed not interested and left Chiko to do all the parent jobs..LOL
5. Chiko enjoys wetfood now.
6. Chiko prefers to breastfeed the babies in Ibu's room..adoiiiii!!!

Obviously, I miss Chiko, Chici and the babies ( I haven't get any chance to see them yet) soooo MUCH!! But then, knowing that all of them are in the good hands, I feel grateful and happy. Thank you Faliq for your space, time and kind. I owe you so much.Thank you for being my SuperAWESOME BF ;) and I'm officially missing him too!!

p/s: will ask Faliq to upload the babies' pics soon!!!

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