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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chris Brown & Rihanna

The first and the last (it should be the only) concert I've been to when I was in Auckland was a concert performed by Rihanna and Chris Brown. If I'm not mistaken, it was a week after my first Eid (Aidilfitri) in Auckland.

I've got a text from my BF. He told me that Chris Brown was going to Auckland. I was so excited that I still save the text in my hp till now (ok, by now I haven't change my hp for quite numbers of years..dammmn. Will getting a BB soon. Depending on how soon I get the didn't expect that Rihanna would come along at first. Knowing that, I worked harder and ask my Boss to give me more shift. By that time, I looked like a part time student and a full time worker.I worked for 40 hours for a weeek. Double shifts a day from 8a.m to 4 p.m and from 7p.m to 11 p.m and taddaaaaaa..I bought the tickets.

Well, the funniest part was, I've got a call two days before the concert telling me that i won two free tickets to the I entered a lucky draw in my workplace.I didn't expect that I would get the ticket minus the fact that I kept on asking people whether they wanted their receipt for the 'V' drinks or not so that I could use the receipts and wrote down my name for the lucky draw.FYI,'V' is one of the famous energy drink in NZ but my stomach couldn't handle it well. I prefer the colourful Vitamin drink compared to 'V'. When I was in Auckland, I didn't spend much money on drinks as I always got free drinks. Thanks to Munchy Mart ;)

Okay, back to the concert. The concert was really amazing and memorable. I don't think you are able to see both of them together anywhere in these few years as they are not in a good term rite now.It would be much fun if only I could memorize every single word for every song ;( Here some random pics during the concert.

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