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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of Posting and Chilling

49 days has passed.And yet, im still at home.Doing nothing.I'm tired when people keep asking me when, where or anything related to the posting because me, myself have no idea about the posting too. Few weeks ago, i would feel like an idiot or a loser when people asked me about posting. The truth is all 129 students in my cohort also don't have any news about our posting. Today,my feeling towards posting is indifferent.I'm tired of waiting and to be honest I have less motivation to teach. I prefer to be at home. Chilling and doing the house chores :P Now, I'm quite occupied with my daily routine. And my dad keep on calling me as his new bibik ;( Mind you, I prefer to be called maid instead of bibik. Make it more interesting, how about 'french maid'? roflmao

9 am - wake up
10 am - play wif the babies and chiko and feed them
11 am - fold all the clothes,wash all the dishes, prepare lunch, sweep and mopping the floor.
2 pm - feed babies and chiko
3 pm - wash clothes
5.30 pm - yoga and push ups time

7 pm - feed babies and chiko
8 pm - watching tv and my internet time
10 pm - feed babies and chiko again

And usually my sleeping time is around 2 a.m.

Okay,u can say that this routine is quite bored and i felt the same too. But, its used to it rite now. Being at home sometimes can be quite interesting especially when u don't have to spend much of your own


アリナ said...

Sama la nasib. Cuma aku xdak jaga budak2. Jaga rumah bagai ada la.

Aku tgh2 duk baca asyik distracted tgk gambar2 tu. Kui3.

lovemenot said...

aku rasa aku kena delete 1 of the pic..too censored..kang kena