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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"When a Man Loves a Woman"

Like always, in every American Idol season, there would be a bit of typical "Idol" manipulation, a heartstring-tugging ploy used often in the early rounds.

However, this is probably the most emotional American Idol story of Chris Medina, whose tragic tale about his fiancée's car crash elicited a strong response from the judges.

Personally, I don't consider Chris Medina to be an extraordinary singer and compare to most of the idols, he is not in their level ... YET.His voice is not that special compared to most the idols but then like Steven Tyler said to Chris's fiancee, "I swear he sings so good cos he sings to you" sounds so good cos he sings for his love one ;) I do believe he'll likely go far on the show because of he is a genuinely nice guy with a big heart.

I almost cried when he said, "What kind of a guy would i be if i walked out when she needed me the most". I think it's normal for a woman to treat her man like this but it's really hard to find a man who have the courage to treat his lady like Chris did.Overall, I only wish that he will stay the same eventhough he'll get famous and yes he is. People change to a certain extent ;)


Fatin Nordin said...

meleleh air mta aku tgk ni kt tv hr tu weh.
sweet gle kan, and sad looking at the gf too.

lovemenot said...

Sweet sgt2. and his GF pon sgt pretty kan?Hope she will recoversoon :)