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Friday, January 21, 2011

High School of Mine

3 Things I'll always remember when I was a student:

1. My name was the first name on the 'Rekod Kesalahan Pelajar Asrama' when I was in Form 3. I was caught 'fly' not 'high'(lmao) by the warden on the first week of school.It was a usual thing for me when I was in high school. My friends and I was quite popular in hostel for our 'good' attitudes ;)I believe that my future students won't expect that I was a trouble maker years back. A teacher should be a good actress

The pic was taken when I was in Form 3 and I loved to wear a bandanna or a cap when I was in the hostel..Poyo rite?

2. I love sport and games especially sprint race distance like 100m and 4 by 100m and I entered numbers of those when I was in primary till back in college. When I was in Form 1, I was selected to represent my red house (Semarak Api)to run for a 100m.But, I was too scared as I knew that my competitors would be my friends who have pairs of long legs and of course muscular bodies compared to me which was and still SHORT. Therefore, what I did was hiding myself in my locker in the hostel. I could hear the MC called my name few times during the sport day. As a result, my friend had to replace me as they couldn't find me. This is very exclusive people as I never tell anyone about this till now. I'm so SuperSorry teachers and friends. I was too innocent at that time.hehe

Try to find me in this pic ..hehe

3. Due to my level of IQ, I often been transferred to different classes when I was in high school. Not the good ones though. When I was in Form 1, I was in the 2nd class, form 2, 3rd class, form 3, 5th class. But then, when I was in Form 4 and Form 5 since it depends on your subjects for SPM. Mind you, I took 11 papers for SPM. The funniest part of everything was my dad came to my school when I was in form 3 and that was the 1st time he came for the report card day.So, he thought that I was still in the 2nd class just like when I was in form one. He then went to the 2nd class and asking for me. Obviously, he was pissed off when my teacher said,'Najmin? I know her.She is not from this class. You have to walk to the end of the building to her class'. My teacher tried to be polite as possible and trying not to say like, 'Najmin? Definitely not from this class.Too 'clever' to be in this class.She is in the last class, 3D,'. But then, thanks to my teachers and of course my parent for showing the light when I was in Form 5 so that I turn up to be the person I am right
now ;)

p/s:I still remember what did my science teacher said to me. She said that I won't get A for her subject, science,for PMR as I always skipped her class by 'lepaking' at the toilet.I also loved to eat nasik lemak in my classroom when she was teaching at the front.And yes, Ive got 7As and a B for her subject. I could see her smiled at me when I took my result.Till now, I always remind my students and brothers on the importance of the relationship between a teacher and a student.Do respect your teacher if you want 'Berkat' in your study :)

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